Ophea Website Privacy Policy

1. Information Collected and Stored Automatically
Our web server collects and saves only the routine information customarily logged by World-Wide Web server software. This information is analyzed and used only to improve our website and our service to you.

Ophea may also collect information through surveys, events, registrations, and other methods outside our website collections.

We do not use the information for any commercial purpose other than the official business of Ophea.

2. Data Collection and Cookies
Ophea utilizes analytics to improve the website experience for our users. Analytics uses cookies to report on visitor interactions on Ophea.net. Users may disable cookies or delete any individual cookie in their browser settings.

Analytics also collects Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to provide and protect the security of the service, and to give Ophea a sense of which country, state/province, or city in the world our users come from.

By accessing the site, you consent to the aforementioned data collection and cookie usage.

3. Email and Electronic Communications
Email or other electronic communications submitted to us is saved in accordance with our internal policy and guidelines. If you choose to provide us with personal information in email or electronic communications, we use that information to respond to your message and to help us get you the information you have requested. We do not collect personal information for any purpose other than to respond to you.

4. Miscellaneous
All users, including but not limited to teachers or school personnel using this site, are expected to use the site in accordance with the laws of Canada and their province, and the policies put in place by their school board/district, school, or other party, as it concerns the protection of personal information collected through this site.

You can always contact us in order to (1) access, update or correct your Personal Information, or (2) request that we delete the Personal Information maintained about you on our systems. Such updates, corrections, changes and deletions apply only to your data stored within Ophea systems and will not have an effect on other information that we maintain, unless specifically requested. In addition, such a request will not affect information that we have provided to third parties in accordance with this Privacy Policy prior to such update, correction, change or deletion.

5. Questions
If you have any questions about this policy, please submit your inquiries to: info@ophea.net.