Healthy Schools Certification Registration Information

To register to Healthy Schools Certification, you will need:

  • Healthy Schools Lead

    • Healthy Schools Lead Position
  • School Information
    • School Name
    • School Board/District/Authority
    • School Address
    • Name and email address of supportive principal/vice-principal(s)
    • School Grades
    • Approximate number of students at your school (in-person and virtual)
    • Primary School Language
    • Optional - Twitter and/or Instagram handle where you will document your Healthy Schools Certification journey
  • Healthy Schools Certification Program
    • Anticipated Health Topic(s) for this school year (select a maximum of three topics)
    • Has your school participated in Healthy Schools Certification before?
    • How did you find out about the Healthy Schools Certification program?
  • Optional - Additional Healthy Schools Team Member(s)
    • Name(s), position(s), and email address(es)