Private and Independent Schools

Healthy Schools Certification is available to private and independent schools in Canada. We welcome private and independent schools to register and follow the 4-Step Healthy Schools Process to make their school community a healthier place.

The HSC team has specific guidelines and procedures for private and independent schools in Ontario to follow:

  • Registration Procedure: Private and independent schools must Contact Us before the November 24, 2023, registration deadline to express their interest in registering for Healthy Schools Certification. The Healthy Schools Certification Team will confirm by email the next steps required to register their school.
  • Registration Fee: There is a fee of $500.00 CAD each year for private and independent schools participating in Healthy Schools Certification. This fee covers costs related to registration, school support and consultation, systems maintenance, the school audit process, and the printing/mailing of the celebratory banner (if the school achieves certification).

Please note that:

  • Payment must be received before a private or independent school can complete the registration process for Healthy Schools Certification.
  • Registration and reporting deadlines are the same for all participating schools.
  • All schools have access to the same supports and consultation services from the Healthy Schools Certification Team throughout the year.
  • It is the responsibility of each participating school to ensure that they complete and report on the 4-Step Healthy Schools Process to achieve certification.
  • Payment of the registration fee does not guarantee certification. There is no refund if a school does not complete the process or does not earn enough points to achieve certification.
  • Check out the registration information to make sure you have everything you need to register!

For more information, please contact the Healthy Schools Certification Team via our Contact Us page.